Project one: Distress to de-stress

A sunny Sunday afternoon and the day to myself. Out came the paint, sandpaper, relaxing tunes... and even the dog! Goodbye plain old chair, hello vintage chic. Time to get messy...

Equipment used: 40 and 150 grade sand paper, white emulsion, 2 inch brush, wire wool, tack cloth, clear matt polymer varnish. Old keys and painted finger nails (optional) for distressing.

The surface was a matt finish, so after a quick sand down, I was ready to go. Which was more than I could say for the dog!


I began by using white emulsion for the first coat. Being a nice sunny day, it was drying fast, so I had to move quickly to get a nice even coverage.


First painting session complete. It looked a little patchy during the application, but as it dried it evened out.


I left the first coat to completely dry for about 15 minutes, as it was mostly dry already. Then applied a second coat to get a full, even coverage. Time to catch a few rays and grab a spot of lunch... and for those wanting to add a little extra, get those finger nails painted! Don't worry guys, it's all in the name of art!


Now for the fun part to begin and to get de-stressed! I used the rough 40 grade sand paper to begin removing paint. I focused more in areas that would naturally become worn over time... the arms and seat etc. Then smoothed down any rough edges with the 150 grade sand paper. Using old keys to add scratches and dents. Now you're probably wondering about the painted finger nails by this point. My lovely turquoise manicured nails weren't going to remain so for much longer! Whilst going wild with those keys, I caught my nails on the paint work leaving little scratches of blue. I quite liked this effect, so I decided to start scraping my nail polish off in random parts too! I think this added to the aged effect.


Use a tack cloth to remove any dust particles and leave to dry fully. Apply the clear varnish as per the instructions. I personally prefer a matt finish in keeping with the aged effect. And there you have it... a vintage style chair in under 4 hours that doesn't break the bank.