Craftisan Bay magazine feature article

I'm rather excited to have an upcoming article in the new Craftisan Bay magazine, and I thought I'd share it with you on my blog too... sharing's caring after all! And so here it is... keep an eye out for the magazine launch in September:

"I’ve many sketchbooks full of the beginnings of what I hope one day will be mini masterpieces, with a few sketches I’d be horrified should anyone cast their eye on them! However, I was taught early on never to throw any work away, and I stand by that rule. I cannot ever remember not having a keen interest in art and continue to enjoy a career of 19 years so far in graphic design and illustration, part time and freelance for my company Bearded Squirrel.

I often hear many say they believe they ‘cannot’ draw. If you find yourself saying the same, ask yourself how often you take pen to paper. If it’s not often, and you’ve no natural artistic talent, it’ll just take a little more practise. Draw whenever you can and carry a little sketchbook with you for moments of inspiration! You’ll have good and bad days. Some days it’s best to walk away and try another time. Explore a variety of medium and subject matter. Fast-track your skills by joining an art group with a good tutor and like-minded people to learn new skills and tips. If limited on time or budget, there’s some great online tutorials around, and they’re free! 

One thing I’d advise against budgeting on is good quality materials. Artist quality pencils, paints and pastels use high quality pigments and have better lightfast and permanency ratings. Student grade or budget brands won’t have these qualities and may fade over time. Choose quality brushes with natural hair or a natural and synthetic mix and the top quality paper available. You’ll achieve much better results. Using low cost supplies can bring disappointing results, and as a beginner this can be very demotivating. Start small and build up, add to your Christmas wish list or stock up in the January sales!

Have fun and experiment, and remember inspiration not imitation. Why not share your progress with @8eardedSquirrel on Twitter."

Find out more about Craftisan Bay and their magazine here If you're heading down to London mid September, why visit the Handmade Fair, presented by Kirstie Allsopp at Hampton Court Palace. Say "Hello!" to the Craftisan team, grab a copy of their magazine hot off the press and get your fill of the best designers and artisans! Visit the website to book your ticket today... I know I'll be heading on down!